A legacy application transformed for the future

Translating a 30-year-old clinical informatics desktop application to a modern SaaS SPA takes careful research and iterative design

Scaling a finance application for enterprise

A B2B application worked for SMBs, but as larger companies signed up it faltered.

And then it started to get persona

When I crafted the personas for FastPay, the process uncovered an important unmet need

Redesigning a CMS for clinical content

I streamlined hierarchy and cured a case of chronic modalitis

A dashboard evolution

Even if at first you don’t think you need one, a dashboard can evolve over time from research findings, branding changes and acquisitions.

Sometimes the best UX has no UI

What if a process involving some 30 steps could be reduced to 1 or 2, if it meant giving up a UI?

Digging for the problem

Living for a bit in the problem space rather than jumping to a solution can yield a superior user experience.