A legacy application transformed for the future

Translating a 30-year-old clinical informatics desktop application to a modern SaaS SPA takes careful research and iterative design

Redesigning a CMS for clinical content

I streamlined hierarchy and cured a case of chronic modalitis

A mobile app to bridge a gap in patient care

Discharge instructions are still a computer printout and photocopied pages. What if they were a mobile app?


The branding section of this software design system will help to recruit cross-disciplinary stewards.

Buttoned up

One of the first pages this new software design system is documentation of our adaptation of the Angular Material button.

Translating an iOS app to Android: an opportunity for better UX

An acquired company offered an iOS app for point of care with many pain points; translating it to Android allowed me to address those UX problems

A simple prototype clarifies requirements

A little HTML and CSS can go a long way in helping developers build what you need

Happy birth date to you

A standard datepicker is not a solution for every use case involving a date to be input.