A simple prototype clarifies requirements

A little HTML and CSS can go a long way in helping developers build what you need

Developers can have a lot of questions. We all know that; they live in a world of thousands of details. Requirements, Zeplin, Invision — these are all ways of helping developers deliver. But sometimes you need a little more.

When I redesigned the navigation for Unity, Bio-Rad’s informatics solution for clinical laboratory users, developers needed to see some of the interactivity, as well as how the page should be constructed and how the z-index should be set up to accommodate future features, indicating that here should be no truncation, demonstrating that menu items should be large targets, and how tooltips were to be utilized.

So I did this quick little page prototype to help. They very much appreciated it! Note that this prototype was made for an enterprise desktop solution, so it’s not responsive for mobile.