Oh dear. Are you really trying to visit this site using Internet Explorer 6? You do realize that browser is almost 10 years old, don't you? It messes up web sites and causes developers to stay up late to fix things it breaks. Wouldn't you really rather have a nice modern browser like Firefox?

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    I wrote Ascend as a new way to understand Christianity. Contemporary. Visual. Readable. It's been published by Paulist Press. Oh, and I designed the book as well.

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    Information Architecture

    Attention to detail, hierarchy, findability and user experience from the start with site maps and wireframes saves time, saves money and gives you a better web site.

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    My marketing and communications background gives me an unusual take on the process of graphic design for the web. Crisp. Contemporary. Engaging.

Hello there. I create things. Books, structures, interfaces and designs. I hope you'll consider working with me to create your web site from concept to comps to CSS. As far as the book thing goes, I guess you'll just have to wait and see what comes next.

It all began years ago when I bought a copy of Dreamweaver 1.0. I devoted myself to mastering all I could about web sites, from organization to final front-end tastiness. I've had the opportunity to begin at the very beginning with superior site maps and detailed wireframes and design some nice things. And I'm not afraid to get up to my elbows in XHTML and CSS. Along the way I've made some friends, learned a lot and even gotten a nod from the Webby Awards.